Service Details

Our DevOps consulting services accelerates your journey to streamline your workflow through automation as we help you integrate development and operations team. This results in faster release cycle, improves go-to-market time and flexibility to quickly adapt to the market changes in this tech-era.

The Assessment

DevOps is a culture of aligning and synergizing the process of development and operation with enhanced security in the software lifecycle. Cloud Fort as a DevOps consulting company helps the clients in business by providing DevOps solutions for hassle-free operations throughout the development and delivery pipeline. If you are yet to embrace DevOps or want to advance your existing DevOps journey, our experienced DevOps consultants will help you do that with strategic planning and application of the DevOps culture.

Cloud Fort’s DevOps assessments are as follows:
  • Research and understand your software delivery process and environment
  • Identify strengths of your infrastructure
  • Find out lag points
  • Assess your work style and identify skillset
  • Derive constructive planning and guidance
  • Provide suitable solution and assistance/ service till the end
DevOps consulting services enable you to execute such steps and helps in achieving your organizational objectives. Our DevOps service caters to specific and customized needs to produce appropriate results throughout the cycle of DevOps transformation.

DevOps Automation

As the software development momentum increases, it becomes imperative to integrate resources and improve skillset for quicker and efficient application delivery. Our DevOps automation consulting services help you accelerate your deployment faster. Once we complete the assessment, we move to set up the infrastructure and automate the delivery pipeline. This involves building automated scripts for testing, integration and release cycles with the use of tools that provision infrastructure automation. These ease monitoring, visibility and performance measurement.

DevOps Automation Services provides you with the following benefits:
  • Eliminates recurring action items
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Increases deployment rate
  • Provides ‘defect-free’ work environments
  • Eliminates single source dependencies
Through our DevOps automation consulting services enables client to integrate automation in their platforms and improves deployment pace. Our skilled DevOps consultants help you to standardize the infrastructure deployment process for better operational efficiency and deployment quality.

Our methodology focuses on:
  • Complete analysis and scrutiny of the requirement
  • Identifying pain points and constructing a blue print
  • Finalizing a strategized plan
  • Crafting tailor-made solution and implementing
  • Obtaining feedbacks and updating
  • DevOps Services and Solutions
  • DevOps Implementation Services:
  • Azure DevOps Services
  • AWS DevOps Services
  • DevOps CI/CD Services
  • DevOps Infrastructure Automation
  • DevOps Containerization Services
  • DevOps Release Management