Finding the right security device management solutions can be challenging, given that there is very little room for error to mitigate threats that are growing faster than ever. Aspire is one of the leading security device management providers with in-house experts who can customize our solutions to meet your unique organizational demands.

Continuous Security Device Management

Firewall Configuration and Management
Configure your firewall and manage its lifecycle through our Security Operations Center on a 24x7x365 basis. Seamlessly manage all your firewall rule base, group definitions, network routing tables, and ACLs. 

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
Use an intrusion detection system that sends real-time alerts to notify you of any cyber security threats like toolkits, backdoors, social engineering, etc. Also, put in place an intrusion prevention system with IDP security protocols to proactively prevent attacks. 

Web Gateway Management
Leverage a web gateway management system to preemptively secure your endpoint devices on the cloud. Be equipped with real-time threat protection capabilities like isolating remote browsers and preventing attacks on regulated data with an effective and timely web gateway management solution. 

Web Application Firewall Management
Get continuous web application firewall protection by improving firewall management activities - thereby maintaining a fully secure device environment. Safeguard all your web-based apps by preventing malicious HTTP/S traffic and stopping data leakage with thorough web application firewall management capabilities. 

Network and Email DLP Management
Proactively monitor the health of your network 24x7x365 to increase the availability and performance of devices. Use email DLP management to protect and access sensitive data in corporate emails.