Cloud Engineering is where the future lies, complex systems which are still running from data centers need to be migrated to Cloud with a tweak on its source code. A simple lift and shift migrations are a mere migration of applications from data center to Cloud without changing controls to comply with Cloud resources. Cloud engineering Services enables the applications to re-platformed, re-host and re-engineer to make it Cloud friendly.

Cloud Engineering leverages the cloud’s capability to solve complex business problems. Our Cloud architects have provided solutions to successfully complete many Cloud Native Applications and host many cloud independent SaaS products.

Elevate the art of Cloud Re-engineering

Cloud Fort’s cloud elevator is a proven Methodology to enable the cloud transformation for an enterprise. Cloud elevator methodology starts from goal setting where business goal and technical goal derivation is held and enters a Cloud Discovery phase of consolidation and choosing the migration hub. After the discovery phase, Cloud Elevator take through a systematic flow of each applications.

  •     Assessment and Design: Vendor Selection, Migration Decision tree for each and every application.
  •     Migration: Migration of application identified in the assessment phase.
  •     Stabilization: Diversion of in-bound traffic to the newly migrated Cloud Environment and close monitoring of performance related issues.
  •     Optimization: Continuous optimization of application to match to the goals set earlier.