Cloud Strategy Consulting

Let Day 1 of your Cloud journey begin with productivity

Unleash the true potential of the cloud with best-in-class strategies and plans tailor-made for your business requirements, transformation, and rewards. Choosing the right cloud strategy partner helps your organization remain flexible to the ever-changing IT landscape.

Cloud Fort’s Cloud Consulting services offer the luxury of reduction in IT resources and costs, while multiplying productivity and time-to-market. With AWS and Azure as our dedicated cloud partners, we assist our customers with Cloud Migration Assessment, AWS Migration Assessment and Azure Migration Assessment to align with your enterprises’ digital strategy and have a smooth transformation to Cloud Ecosystem.

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Cloud Fort, Cloud Architects, with decades of experience in building cloud solutions specialize in understanding the IT estate of the customers based on their geographical locations, Cloud Deployment and architecture solutions and private cloud consulting. Cloud Architecture consulting would contain the following steps:
  • IT estate analysis
  • Integration assessment
  • Plan Deployment
  • Solution provision